How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan 2023?|Technical Mehdi

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How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan 2023? | Technical Mehdi

Freelancing is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing areas of IT outsourcing. According to the National Freelance Facilitation Policy, the country presently has over 100k registered freelancers, and the capacity-building programme seeks to train 1 million freelancers in the future years. In the fiscal year 2021-22, Pakistani freelancers contributed US $400 million to IT exports totaling US 2.646 billion. People are studying high-level skills through YouTube and, and freelancing has grown highly popular during Covid-19.

Do you want to learn more about freelancing in Pakistan?

Do you want to make money online by selling your services on freelance websites?

In this post, I will not only discuss how to start freelancing in Pakistan, but I will also show you the top 10 freelance websites where you may get started by giving your skills.

Before making the leap into the expanding world of freelancing, you should think about a few things. Even if you have a full-time job, you may still work for yourself. Freelancers must identify their own talents and promote them in order to locate the proper clients, projects, and advantages and disadvantages of different pricing strategies.

Learn How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan in 2023.

Know that today’s freelancing is travelling a dramatic new track to define success before knowing how to start freelancing in Pakistan 2023. Freelancers piece their lives, projects, and competitiveness with other freelancers in the market together. They created an autonomous, connected, and values-driven existence for themselves via their passion and flexibility.

Develop a Skill

Starting a freelance business without a talent is difficult; in fact, this is the most important and fundamental need if you want to master a trade. Intizar Mehdi’s YouTube channel is the finest free video platform in Pakistan for learning new skills.

Develop Your Network

Now that you’ve gained some abilities, it’s time to start building a network of possible clients. Join Facebook freelancing groups and offer your skills at a reasonable price. Instead of spamming the groups, share your expertise and what you’ve learnt thus far.

Create a Brand

After you’ve built a network, you should become a brand and think like a brand. Give the clients high-quality work and constantly go above and beyond.

Top 10 Freelancing websites in Pakistan

Because there is fierce competition on prominent freelance websites, it is critical to be aware of all freelancing websites where Pakistanis may sell their services and earn money.

1. Upwork

Pakistani freelancers frequently use Upwork, the largest freelance website in the world, to get gigs. When working on this internet platform, independent contractors feel appreciated and connected. Freelancers have the opportunity to establish relationships in the internet world thanks to It links clients with experts so that they may work together and effectively expand their businesses. Employers use it to find IT specialists, Web developers, copywriters, and graphic designers.

2. Fiverr

The most well-known freelance website in Pakistan is, by far. Employers may hire freelancers for Gigs based on keywords, prior performance, and rating in this marketplace with a unique take on the notion of freelancing. It is both the most popular and one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces.

3. Freelancer

Another well-known online freelance website in Pakistan is It links freelancers and employers from over 247 countries worldwide. Using this website, freelancers and employers may find employment in areas such as writing, data entry, accountancy, and so on. It offers them a variety of short-term and long-term initiatives.

4. Guru is an online marketplace that connects high-tech specialists with short-term contracts by allowing them to negotiate directly with potential employers. It is a global network of over 1.5 million gurus who provide their knowledge for technical, creative, or business projects. It is simple to use and requires freelancers to create an online profile to showcase the skills they have to offer companies.

5. Peopleperhour assists people in starting and growing their businesses. It is simple to set up and helps users to manage their time and be paid for their efforts.

6. WorkChest is a freelancing marketplace in Pakistan that has developed an ecosystem for both employers and freelancers. Every day, 10+ carefully picked projects from various categories are featured. Workchest is the only marketplace that includes a social media networking platform for freelancers to cooperate on future development and prospects. It also features a Team-Up area where people with similar skill sets may connect with one another across Pakistan.

7. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writers are fortunate to have access to this online learning platform while working. Because it is only for freelance writers, it makes it easier for them to find writing projects than any other platform. It is a good place for people who enjoy writing and want to hone their skills in their spare time. Please go to

8. Toptal is an American firm that provides freelance software engineers and designers to a variety of clientele. Many outstanding Pakistani freelancers are now being chosen on this platform, mainly for high-end, emerging, and rising abilities like AI, AR, and Machine learning.

9. Craigslist

This website provides a sociable and trustworthy platform for consumers to purchase online. This platform is ideal for online merchants offering any type of service, from employment and housing to personals. Go to

10. 99designs

It is a website that assists in the search for freelance graphic designers all around the world. It links over a million creative freelance designers with businesses in order to help them find jobs. Every 1.5 seconds, the online designer community uploads a new design. is an excellent location to work for clever and dedicated consumers.

These best freelance websites for beginners make it possible for talented people to freelance and earn a living while working from home. All programmers and IT professionals should visit these websites in order to learn and expand their businesses.

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